Totally healing, freedom and redemption. I discovered that I serial dated as an attempt to cover up the hurt I didn’t even realize I was walking out. I had an emotional and psychological cast on my soul that needed to be cut off and cut out. Now finally it has been released off me. Simply put, this event changed my life forever, forever! It was the most intense, spiritual ass kicking I’ve ever experienced, bar none! The invasive and intense nature of the retreat flushed out spiritual toxins I didn’t even know I had from a period of over twenty-five years. I highly recommend this to anyone in need and plan on making a sizable donation in the near future.


No Longer Bound is a very methodical, Holy Spirit led program. It’s very overwhelming, comprehensive, and truly puts the participants at the forefront. I know a lot of programs/retreats say they do, but they honestly don’t. All of the staff are volunteers who are walking in their calling and coming together for equipping the Body of Christ.


I am taking home compassion, the love God has for me, a restoration of self and character, and restorer of dreams.


My first day walking in I felt the peace and the love from the entire team, but most important; I felt safe. This ministry is beyond amazing. I am so blessed to be a part of it. I will recommend to anyone hurting, to join and experience, it will change your life. From a hurt soul to a healed woman!!


Before this program I was going through recovery but always felt something was suffocating my soul like choking it. After leaving here I can fully breathe. I don’t feel like that anymore. I didn’t realize how bound and burdened I really was.


I had no idea that I cared about the fact that I had two abortions. Then No Longer Bound gently exposed the lie. I’m no longer bound by that lie as well as other areas I was made aware were impacting my life in a negative way.


I am so grateful for the No Longer Bound Ministry. They have helped me tremendously with healing from the detrimental effects of abortion and miscarriage (physical, emotional, and psychological). This can result in severe trauma that can last and remain hidden for decades. Through this ministry I have come to find peace and restoration in a way that has brought me to a closer relationship with the Lord God and has helped me to come to acceptance of the life that God is working through me. I have peace in my life realizing my life is fuller than the loss.


Overall I feel the program is amazing. The feelings and healing you receive cannot be described in words. It is long and emotional. It is tiring and a lot of work. But the feeling you get during this time is breathtaking. My mind has so much clarity. It feels like I was given a new set of eyes. My heart is clean and the fellowshipping and praising is a burst of overwhelming joy.


The overall experience was amazing. The staff did an amazing job. I can tell that they really cared about our healing. They were committed to the process. They were willing to walk out the pain, fear and discomfort with us. I can tell that they prayed for us. They were prepared for the sessions. I’m thankful that God allowed them to have their healing so that they could assist us with ours. They were not judging, they walked in love and were consistent. The participant to staff ratio was good. We were able to connect with different leaders at various times. It was a blessing to my life and I’m grateful.


The “Healing Intensive” experience was transformative. Initially, I came to understand why I did not regret the decision made to have four abortions. I came seeking my “WHY” however I received much more than I could have ever expected. I received understanding, clarity, perspective, peace, freedom, wisdom, joy, love, some closure and the greatest gift of all, the gift of tongues from the Holy Spirit. Definitely, did not expect to receive that gift during this experience. You have embraced me, loved me, affirmed me, and saw me. For the first time in life I believe Terri matters and she is enough.

Thank you for seeing past my pain and rejections! I greatly appreciate you peeling off the layers of abandonment and rejections of my pain. The work should continue until I am whole.


My abortions caused depression and stole joy. Since I thought God was punishing me with two miscarriages, the depression deepened. It affected my relationships, moods, sleep, and self-worth. The retreat assisted me in knowing that I am forgiven, God did not punish me, and the enemy had ripped me off with lies. It also opened my eyes to the lives of my children being real and created by God and that they are with God. It helped me recognize that I am their mother.

The breaking of decades of bondage released joy in my spirit. I am renewed. I am loved by God. I am beautifully, fearfully and wonderfully made by him and so are my children….all of my children including the four in heaven, the four here in earth and my 6 grandchildren. God has blessed me with a great legacy.

My joy is in the Lord my God!!


This ministry is absolutely invaluable. It is life changing in so many ways. Although the focus is abortion/miscarriage recovery, the healing reaches all areas of life. It is amazing and so profound and rich. I am so thankful to the founder, Tegra, for her love and attention. The staff is beyond wonderful and all so loving and approachable. There should be more marketing for this kind of impactful ministry, because until you deal with the root issues of the dark and the ugly hidden things of life we remain in a stagnant spiritual puddle. Going through this intensive really encourages us to jump in the river, allows us to get drenched in the living waters which take hold of our spirit, and bring us closer to the Lover of our soul. Thank you all for your service, obedience and compassion. I love you family.


Here’s a thought for you: Perhaps this ministry can be expanded or modified to minister to those who need healing from divorce and affairs?

I truly wish that I had known about this ministry when we had our miscarriages so many years ago. It may have actually saved our marriage. While unable to change the past, it is my prayer that I can convince my ex-wife to come and receive the healing she’s needed for so long.

My deepest gratitude for all the prayer (I know there was a LOT of prayer) and hard work each and every staff member put into this intensive. Thank you for making yourselves available to God to be used to bring healing and liberty to the participants; myself included. Thank you for the warmth of your love and welcoming spirit. I am convinced that the intensive was as successful as it was because of all the prayer that was poured into it starting months before this past weekend.

Lucien, M.D.

When I first came to No Longer Bound I had no idea how thorough this ministry is. The 13-week Bible study was very intense. When you finish the 13-week Bible study you know your sin has been forgiven and guilt is gone. Also, the depression of abortion or miscarriage is relieved. After finishing the 13-week Bible study, you are asked to attend a Weekend Intensive. After finishing the Bible Study I thought there was no need to do a Weekend Intensive. Was I ever wrong; the Weekend Intensive was at a totally different level. You have to attend the Weekend Intensive, it will blow you away when you see how God shows up and shows out!!!!


Abortion affects everyone differently but all involved are affected in some way. It causes a loss of dreams and potential. The only way to find out the damage is by exploring your feelings. Men are told to handle things by “manning up” which means ignoring our feelings. This makes men particularly susceptible. I encourage men to “man up” by looking into their hearts.


For every wounded woman there is a man. My suppressed wounds needed healing and now I am changed. New visions have opened to me.


I was freed from shame and guilt for not protecting my children. For years I did not know where the shame and guilt originated when it came to being a protector and provider. No Longer bound created a safe environment for revealing the problem, deliverance…and healing.