Colombian Supremo

Country of Origin: Colombia

NOTES: Light Caramel & Cocao with middle notes of earthiness and nuttiness.

On the northeastern tip of Colombia, somewhere in the midst of the Tropic of Cancer, lies the region for this gorgeous coffee…Imagine a cup of breakfast roasted coffee coursing through your veins every day!

Port of Addis Ababa Ethiopian Farm – Direct Rare Kochere

TOP-OF-THE-TOP-SHELF — Yirgacheffe, in Ethiopia, is renowned for washed coffee beans with a classic, elegant flavor accentuated by high altitude and dense cloud cover. Kochere, reaching over a mile above sea level, grows coffee at elevations more than twice as high as other high-grown arabica. At 6,235 feet, heirloom Typica matures slowly and develops its signature qualities in the warm days and cool nights. Washed processing enhances the coffee’s acidity, while sun-drying adds complexity. In the filtered sunlight, the coffee rests longer, imparting a distinctive acidity and jasmine aroma.

Port of Calming Kona Coffee Blend – Medium Full-Bodied Decaf

Country of Origin: Hawaii

Surprise! Our gorgeous water-processed-decaffeinated blend of Hawaiian Kona will leave you smiling and perhaps, never going back to regular! ENJOY!